We’re glad you asked!

Many of our members, visitors, and potential visitors have asked many questions over the years. Listed below are the most commonly asked questions. We wanted to share with you a brief answer.

Our Beliefs


We celebrate God’s promise to forgive us and be with us in the Lord’s Supper of bread and wine once a month, on the first Sunday of the month, alternating at the morning or evening service. As the Lord Himself balances an invitation to sinners with a demand that sinners turn from sin, so also we ask that sinners partaking here, show their desire to turn from sin by previously joining a true church of Jesus Christ.


Each member has been baptized with water to show God’s promise to us to belong to God forever, is fulfilled in Christ. This sacrament is given to any who profess faith, and to their children.


A believer commits to a church family, and the church family commits to that believer, so that we can encourage each other to walk with God in this life. Membership contains expectations of regularly attending, committed giving, and appropriately serving the Lord using spiritual giftedness/skills.


God established marriage, defined as between one man and one woman. We support marriages, and seek to be a blessing to all – singles, married, families, widows, and widowers. As needed, we offer pre-marital counseling, weddings, and marriage counseling.


We believe life begins at conception. God’s Ten Commandments tell us that God sees taking life as murder, and that includes unborn life. We believe abortion is murder.

Voting & Politics

Individual Christians have a privilege and responsibility to vote, and we encourage that. However, as a church body, we are not a political organization, nor a lobbying group. This means we never have political candidates speak in our church, and we do not cover election topics, unless they are specifically moral. Examples are: defining marriage as Biblical and historical, and protecting the lives of unborn. Church is the one place that must not become political. We are spiritual and moral, and so those issues may sound political, when they overlap with the issues in campaigns, platforms, referendums, and public debates.

The Apostles Creed

We recite the Apostles’ Creed because it is an ancient statement summarizing the teachings of the Bible, that we hold today. Reciting it reminds us that we are upholding a tradition that goes back far longer than our great grandparents. It is a sacred trust, and we want to pass it on to our children with this simple repetition.

About Falls Church

Order of Worship

Welcome and Announcements
Apostolic Greeting
*Call to Worship
*Invocation and The Lord’s Prayer
*The Apostle’s Creed
*Response Song
Responsive Reading
Response Song
Offering and Offertory
Congregational Prayer
Scripture Reading

Worship Style

We have a traditional worship service with three hymns and one song, with organ, piano, and other musical instruments. We enjoy some special music, but the rest is historic worship – call to worship, invocation prayer asking for the Spirit of God to guide the service, hymns, Scripture reading, Apostles/Nicene Creed, prayer including the Lord’s prayer.

Service Length

You can figure about an hour. On the Sundays when we have the Lord’s Supper, or if we have a guest preacher who preaches longer, the service may be a bit longer.

Bible Version

We use the ESV (English Standard Version).


We sing from the 700 hymns of the Trinity Hymnal, produced by the Great Commission Publications, a joint venture of the OPC and PCA denominations. We also have created our own songbook of about 100 other hymns and shorter Scripture songs.

Members Ages

We have newborns and moms now pregnant, and we have a woman who is 105 years old. We literally have everything in between: Elementary, Jr. High, High School, College, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. We are so blessed!

Handicap Accessible

We are handicap accessible! We have a ramp out front, a vertical lift, handicap accessible restroom, and greeters and deacons at each worship door ready to assist. We also have large print Bibles, hearing supplement devices that wirelessly tie directly to the sound system, a medical chair that reclines and comes to a nearly vertical position. Many with disabilities currently attend here weekly.


We have parking on both upper and lower levels with several reserved handicap accessible parking spots.