Our Boards


(What is the session?)

The session is made up of teaching and ruling elders, who together form the session, which is the body of leaders in a local Presbyterian church. An elder is an ordained man who shepherds souls entrusted to his care, focusing on spiritual care of these members, in teamwork with the pastors.

Falls Presbyterian Church’s Session consists of:

Pastor Ben Snodgrass (Moderator of Session),

Ruling Elders
Robert Donehoo (Clerk),  Robert Fikkert,  Roger Ruchti and Jeff Van Ess

Board of Deacons

(What is the Board of Deacons?)

Made up of ordained men, commonly called deacons, who enable the elders to care for souls, by providing deeds of mercy and care for people’s earthly lives – such as budget coaching for finances, and aid for bodies when we suffer with injury, unemployment, illness, or aging.

Falls Presbyterian Church’s Board of Deacons consists of:  Douglas Hein,  Kurt Huber, Al Kolff, Darin Riggleman, Chris Roosien and Christopher Uitz (Treasurer for Board of Deacons)

Board of Trustees

A trustee cares for the church building, church grounds, pastor’s house, and handles the payment of church bills, so the pastors, elders, and deacons can focus on caring for people.

Falls Presbyterian Church’s Board of Trustees consists of:

John Swartzendruber (President), Roger Ruchti (Treasurer)

Jeff Brejwo, John Dregne,  Christopher Kolff, Jeff Robbins (clerk)  and Chris Roosien