Youth Programs

Youth is fleeting. What happens to church youth when they become adults? We want to retain our youth in our churches. It starts now, and with what we believe. Youth is a time to be a hero, not an excuse to goof off. Youth is a time to serve, not permission to be selfish. Youth Connect is our way of saying that youth in the church must remain connected to the rest of the church body: other youth, parents, siblings, adults, elderly, young children, disabled, missionaries, and believers living far away. Instead of expecting a separate ministry for themselves, youth are expected to blend in and become the glue – the people who connect the rest of the body of Christ.

Our activities surround three areas of Christian life, that we call Triple S:

Service: to help other people with our youthful energy and strength.

Study: to study God’s Word and what it says for our Christianity even before we become adults.

Social Activities: to spend time with other youth having fun together – on roller coaster rides, or playing youth games, or enjoying snacks.

For example….our November leaf raking service project was a lot of fun!

We got donuts!! 20171111_090235


20171111_093719 We worked hard!20171111_093727 Our stack of empty bags…20171111_093730 Raking and raking.20171111_093736 More raking.20171111_100303 Jump in!20171111_100308 Everyone jump in!20171111_100318 Smile, you are not raking.20171111_100358 Tired from raking. Very tired.20171111_100404 Big pile of leaves! 20171111_100535standing in the bag.  20171111_100632 Who is that guy? 

20171111_100639 buried, almost20171111_100644can you get up now?20171111_100720 This is a real photo. Yes it is.20171111_100816 Um, time for raking.20171111_100836 Make like a tree and leave.20171111_103827 A happy bunch.20171111_103831 A hard working team.20171126_195334This is not leaf raking. This is a game at youth connect called “train wreck”. That is why we are blurry. We are moving fast! 


standing in the bag again

Youth Connect

Grades 6-12 meet the second and fourth Sunday evenings of the month after the evening worship service at 7:15pm. See upcoming events.

Nature Camp (Vacation Bible School) 2017

The camp is held the third week of July. For 2017, the dates were July 17-21.  Camp is from 9:00 a.m. until 11:30 a.m. Watch for online registration to begin in the Spring.

Every summer, for one week, Falls Church is transformed into Nature Camp. This is a great way for kids to learn about God and His creation through stories, nature lessons, crafts, hands-on activities, games, and songs. In past years, we’ve learned about rocks & minerals, insects, wonderful water and birds. The theme for 2017 is Terrific Trees! We end the week on Friday with lunch and a program by the children.